Brand TLD Use Cases

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Use cases for brand TLDs

Optimal use cases for your business can be designed by mapping your business objectives to the new messaging and technical capabilities of these new digital assets. In this section, we provide a brief overview of the new capabilities, followed by a description for each use case.

New Capabilities The brand TLD is not just a domain name or a new way to set up a website. It is a digital identity platform. Brands will create authentic and secure ecosystems leveraging new technical and messaging capabilities.
Trust Brand TLDs are trusted name spaces because they are exclusive to brands.
Marketing Communicate elegant brand messages and improve marketing communication KPIs.
Security Related to trust as brand authoritative. Secure it with DNSSEC and SSL certs.
Data A brand TLD provides visibility into query and traffic data insights not previously available.
Credibility The majority of brands will eventually own a brand TLD. Owning it will increase market credibility.
ROI Every dollar invested in a brand TLD ecosystem builds brand equity and long-term returns.
Control The brand has complete control and access to all associated business data.
Innovation A blank canvas to develop innovative use cases that are new, better and different.


Brands seek to build customer affinity and motivate advocacy. Brands seek to establish long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships engaging them through various digital outreach initiatives.


Develop a customer-centric brand experience to engage customers and encourage advocacy.


Differentiate and increase stickiness. Increase affinity, motivate advocacy, gain customer intelligence, and drive business growth.

Brand TLDs offer businesses with a brand affinity and advocacy platform for innovation. Brands can deploy a Customer.Brand initiative for all customers or a defined segment. Opportunities vary, from providing a personalized and branded web portal, to curated consumer services. Businesses can leverage user-generated content, allowing customers to advocate brand products and services through social media. Enhanced data tracking is possible to monitor and optimize campaign performance, and to reward your best brand fans.


Brands with large distribution channels are challenged to effectively deliver a consistent digital brand identity. Businesses also struggle to gather business intelligence, and to improve channel performance without adding a significant cost burden.


Develop a digital infrastructure to efficiently drive partner business growth. Gain brand identity control and channel data insights.


Improve brand messaging and service delivery consistency. Gain control, agility, data insights, and business intelligence.

Channel.Brand is a digital content control and measurement initiative designed to lift channel performance. Brands can cascade consistent content across all their points of presence. Leveraging a centralized technology infrastructure, brands can efficiently support channel marketing, sales, and service initiatives. This will communicate a clear and consistent brand identity to digital storefronts, brokers, agents and dealerships.


Improving customer acquisition and brand campaign ROI metrics are challenging for digital marketers. Use of forward slash or sub-domains confuse audiences, and the use of social destinations limit traffic to trusted brand destinations.


Create pointed and effective destinations that are elegantly branded, meaningful and memorable.


Increase the efficacy in marketing communications with agility and effectiveness, to improve your marketing spend ROI.

Marcom.Brand is a powerful and easy to implement brand TLD use case. Create unique and trusted digital destinations that are authentic and easy to communicate. Avoid paying a premium to acquire quality campaign domains and never settle for a poor URL that limits campaign ROI. Create short, memorable and meaningful digital identities that improve marketing campaign KPIs.


As technology continues to pervade our lives, business itself is digital – not just a part of the business. New business models are needed to sell and service customers on a trusted, authentic, secure and data-rich platform.


Design new business models on a proprietary platform that is secure, controlled, massively scalable and trusted.


Build new business models that disrupt owned and competitor models, resulting in a long-term competitive advantage.

Service.Brand represents an innovative opportunity to create new disruptive business models. Consider new digital models for content, services, and applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond. Service.Brand is perhaps the most complex, exciting and disruptive opportunity for brands to launch innovative services, as new technologies emerge for the brand TLDs.

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